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About Pratt’s Garage

Pratt’s Garage has been an industry-leading Farm Machinery Supplier since Clive set up shop in 1988. We only offer our customers the highest quality products available on the market and for the best prices you’ll find anywhere in Cavan and beyond. Want to know more? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Based in Cavan Town, Pratt’s Garage has earned itself a reputation down through the years for its “excellence and service” according to its Managing Director Clive Pratt. Putting it in the simplest terms, Pratt’s Garages are specialists in sourcing and supplying tractors, agricultural equipment, cars, jeeps and vans both locally and nationally. Currently Main Dealers for Same, Deutz And Lamborghini tractors and Isuzu commercial vehicles with a wide selection of new products in stock at all times.

The business was set up in 1988 as a provider of fresh farm equipment sourced locally and from the UK, In 1994 the company became Same agents for Cavan Monaghan and Leitrim . From there the company has grown and now has the complete SDF range of tractors, Same, Deutz and Lamborghini. The company has an extensive parts range and also provide service options which serves to make it a complete one-stop shop for customers. From vehicle servicing and maintenance to NCT our team of mechanics can cater for all requirements.


Why Choose Us

Qualified Staff

We employ the best trained staff throughout our business in order to be able to deliver a premium service to all our customers.


Competitive prices

We offer quality products and services at affordable prices.

Happy Customers

Much of the business we do is with repeat customers as we have built up a strong reputation for what we do and customers are satisfied to come back.

what we do

Our Services

Car servicing

At Pratts Garage , we have a team of Mechanics & Technicians that are fully trained and equipped to work on any make or any model. Our dedicated team will look after all your needs from general servicing to car maintenance. We only use and fit premium parts to ensure the highest quality.

Our technicians are trained in the latest technical equipment and can offer solutions to all diagnostic issues on a wide wage of makes and models. Giving our customers peace of mind that their car is in the best hands.

Test prep

Have a NCT or a Doe booked ? In order to save time and money on car, jeep or commercial tests have your vehicle checked over by a member of our dedicated team. We can fix any issues with the vehicle if needed onsite, quickly and affordably.


Our stores stocks a wide range of parts for all our main brands from oils and filters to mirrors. If you are looking for parts for your Deutz, Lamborghini, Same or Isuzu then Pratt’s Garage is the place to come. We work with a wide network of premium suppliers which allows us to source any parts required effectively and efficiently. Just give us a call for any of your requirements.


Pratt’s Garage offer a wide range of new and preowned machinery and vehicles. We are main dealers of the Same, Deutz and Lamborghini tractors and Isuzu commercial vehicles. Along with these brands we supply a number of preowned products over a large range.

Machinery Maintenance

We provide servicing for all make and models of machinery. While we are specialists at the Same Deutz- Fahr range, we can accommodate all brands. From general services to larger work like clutches, gearbox and engines gives us a call to discuss a solution for you.



Deutz - Faher

DEUTZ-FAHR’s extensive range of tractors includes models from 35 to 340 hp, to maximise productivity, reliability, cost-effectiveness and economy in all farming tasks.


Same provides a range of tractor models ranging from 70 to 140 hp, across multiple models and spec.


Lamborghini tractors are known for their bold style, their performance, design and exclusive appeal that sets them apart. Tractors ranging from 35 to 250 hp.


Today Isuzu is a world leader in the production of reliable medium-duty trucks and is world-renowned for its expertise in engineering, from pickups to SUVs.

Quality second hand Tractor

Pratt’s Garage stock a wide range of pre-owned tractors in all makes and sizes. If you have any specific requirements get in touch with our team.

Quality second hand Vehicles

There is a wide range of pre-owned cars, jeeps and vans in stock at all time, ready for sale. We offer high quality pre-owned vehicles that are hand selected for sale, sourced both locally and internationally.


We have a large store that stock parts for many brands along with general items that are always convenient like oils and maintenance products. In most cases any parts we do not have in stock can be ordered and ready to collect the next day.


We stock a wide range of reconditioned turbos for many popular models. Any turbo required by our customers can be arranged from car to machinery. The process for reconditioning turbos is normally complete within 7 days.

Are you interested about our products or services?

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Pratt’s Garage can offer fast quotations for new and preowned products from a range of financial institutions, always ensuring that you use the best service for each person matching your individual requirements.

To enquire about financing please get in contact with our sales team to assist you in your application.

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Feel free to reserve servicing online or contact us by phone
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me source finance for one of your products?

Yes. We work with a number of finance providers in order to offer you the best tailored solution.

I work long days and I am normally not available before your opening hours close to view your stock. Can you arrange a meeting outside these hours?

This is not a problem and is a regular occurrence, we understand people have a busy schedule so give us a call and we can arrange a viewing after hours.

I work during the day is there any way you can help me get my car serviced?

If you get in contact with our service team, we can arrange a workplace pick up of your car and drop it back after we are finished. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

What brand and models of cars can you cater for in your workshop?

We can work on any make or model of car here at Pratt’s Garage from small maintenance work to full on repairs.

Do you have new SDF product lines in stock?

At Pratt’s Garage we keep a range of new stock across Same, Deutz and Lamborghini at all times.

Can you source specific vehicles based on my needs and budget?

We work closely with a number of sources for premium second hand vehicles both locally and from the UK, so if you are looking for a specific vehicle get in touch and one of our sales team will be able to help.

Our Location

Pratt’s Garages are specialists in sourcing and supplying tractors, agricultural equipment, cars, jeeps and vans both locally and nationally.

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